From the time that people start putting their thoughts somewhere into the public sphere, public art plays an important role in human history. Have you ever realized that the “scratches” on the city’s walls are the history of now and they vanish day by day? Street art is the only kind of art available to everybody, twenty-four hours a day. It can make you think, laugh or feel. It might be pleasant but even disturbing. 

UrbanLayers’ goal is to develop a community for the “survival” of the thoughts, ideas, and anxieties of society depicted upon the city’s walls. UrbanLayers vision is the development of a digital platform for public art, which will record street art pieces by their location, style, artist but also document them through time, supported by community-based projects.

The Urban Layers Project is trying to bring people closer through this vivid art form, show its historical and sociopolitical background and enhance critical thinking on it. Through the project it became clear that participants of all ages started to become more familiar with the broader social context of street art and re-negotiate their relationship both with the urban landscape and also with the other people.